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Como parte del tour de lanzamiento de la edición de bolsillo de Crescendo, publicó en una escena borrada de Crescendo. Por supuesto que el contexto de la novela es diferente.

A continuación el fragmento

“I also came by to tell you I won't be coming around anymore.”

“Coming around?” I repeated.

His words moved through my brain in slow motion. What felt like a long, convoluted moment later, I gave a short laugh. “Okay, what's the punchline?”

He checked his watch. “I need to get going.”

“Are you breaking up with me?” I was still smiling, but it wavered. He was joking – he had to be joking. But a drop of fear slithered through me. What if he wasn't?

"I got a new phone. The number you have no longer works.”

I felt the last trace of smile vanish from my expression. “In other words, don't bother calling? Is that what you're saying? Isn't this kind of, oh I don't know, sudden?”

He looked up at me through lowered lashes, and there was nothing remotely close to humor in his eyes.

“Sorry, Patch, but I'm a little confused. I need a little more to go on.”

“I thought I made myself pretty clear.”

“You told me Marcie was knifed, and that we're over. Just like that. This makes no sense.”

A muscle in his jaw jumped, a telltale sign that he was withholding information. In my book, withholding information and lying were one and the same. I wasn't going to sit here and take this. “Last night we made a promise, and now you want to end things?” I said, my voice rising. “You gave up becoming human for me, and all I get are two months?”

“This is what you get. This is who I am.”

“Funny, I thought you were my guardian angel!”

“That's where I'm drawing the line.”

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  1. Wow! I never thought Patch was going to end the things like that!
    I can imagine what happens next :)

  2. Hola!!, te escribo desde el blog literario

    Fuego que arde sin llama (,

    un blog en el que podrás encontrar reseñas literarias. Soy una gran fanatica de Hush Hush, y espero ansiosamente a que Finale llege a la Argentina ¿Te unes?. Yo te sigo desde ya. Espero que te guste mi espacio ^^

    ¡Nos leemos!
    y Graciaas!!


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